Usages relating to wine: nunc est bibendum

  • Pierre Mousseron Faculté de Droit de Montpellier
Palavras-chave: usages, sources of law, customary law


Defined as practices with legal force, usages are the issue of a debate relating to the definition of the most relevant sources of law. This debate is particularly lively in the agro-food sector. The first part of the article examines the presence of many usages in the production, the marketing as well as the consumption of wine. In a more dynamic perspective, the second part shows a marginalization of regional usages and the vitality of the transnational usages. This situation invites to defend, in the third part, regional usages in order to promote legal diversity. This promotion highlights a new protective effect of usages concerning traditional practices restricted by certain “appellations d’origine controlee” or “protégée”.

Biografia do Autor

Pierre Mousseron, Faculté de Droit de Montpellier

Professor of Law, University of Montpellier, Law School (France). Co-Director Centre du Droit de l’Entreprise. Director of the Master Program Droit du Commerce International (International Business Law Program), University of Montpellier. Senior Fellow, Center for International Financial Crimes Studies, University of Florida. Director of the Program Business Law Summer School, University of Montpellier. Director of the Program Certificat de spécialisation en Droit des sociétés, University of Montpellier.

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MOUSSERON, P. Usages relating to wine: nunc est bibendum. DESC - Direito, Economia e Sociedade Contemporânea, v. 1, n. 1, p. 190-202, 13 dez. 2018.